How to add DJI Care Refresh after the 48 hour activation


If you want to purchase DJI Care for your aircraft which is activated over 48 hours, you will require to take the DJI Care video verification. To accomplish the video verification, please follow the guide below:

DJI Care video verification requirements:

    1. Show aircraft, remote controller and DJI Go 4 app in the same shot.
    2. Shoot your video in a bright and open outdoor area.
    3. Ensure the video is clear and in focus. DO NOT edit your video.

In the verification video, please shoot the following items in order

    1. S/N numbers of your aircraft and gimbal, making sure that both numbers are clearly visible
    2. Turn on the remote controller and the battery
    3. Enter DJI GO 4 app and calibrate the compass outdoors (open area recommended)
    4. Format SD card using the DJI GO 4 app. Make sure it is backed up before formatting.
    5. Check the IMU.
    6. Demonstrate gimbal pitch movement and rotation by moving it up, down, left and right.
    7. Use the Combination Stick Command to power on the motors.
    8. Move the aircraft up, down, forwards, backward, left, right and do the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.
    9. Use the remote controller to record several seconds of video and use the Playback button to check the recording.
    10. Hover the aircraft at a high altitude, i.e. 10 feet.
    11. Carry out a distance and altitude test, making sure to show the DJI GO 4 app clearly in your shot. In an open space, distance and altitude should reach at least around 20 feet to 50 feet respectively.
    12. Land the aircraft, power off the aircraft battery and then turn off the remote controller then stop your recording.


Upload your video on YouTube and reply DJI with the video link.

REMINDER: DO NOT edit your video.

Once approved, DJI will inform you through email.

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