You can use a portable battery to charge your Mavic Mini battery or the battery charging hub. 

The Mavic Mini battery charging hub can also use as a battery bank to charge the remote or even your phone. 

For iPad or Tablet user, make you have an OTG cord for Mavic Mini. The Mavic Mini remote controller does not have the standard USB Port at the bottom. 

Make sure to turn on the gridlines for a more accurate center point or "rule of 1/3" for your photos. 

Despite the new design of the remote controller sticks for Mavic Mini. Both Mavic 2 and Mavic Air remote controller sticks are compatible with the Mavic Mini. 

A propeller cage is always recommended for beginners. It prevents the propeller from hitting the ceiling or corner. Make sure you turn on your propeller cover mode after installing the propeller cover. 

Mavic mini