DJI Mavic Mini Vs DJI Spark Vs Mavic Air (Model Comparison)
Spark Mavic Mini Mavic Air
Camera 1080P 2.7K 4K
Gimbal 2-Axis 3-Axis 3-Axis
Range 2000M/1.3Miles 4000M/2.5Miles 4000M/2.5Miles
Weight 300Grams/10.6oz 249Grams/8.7oz 430Grams/15.2oz
Battery Life 15min 30min 20min
Sensors Front, Bottom Bottom Front, Bottom, Back
Speed 50KPH/31MPH 47KPH/29MPH 68KPH/42MPH
FOV 82° 83° 85°
Aperture f/2.6 f/2.8 f/2.8
Bitrate 24 MBPS 40 MPBS 100 MPBS
Photo Size 3968x2976 4000x3000
Video Size 1080p/30fps 4K, 2.7K/30fps; 2.7k,1080p/60fps
App Latency 260-300ms 170-240ms 170-240ms
Folded Size(LxWxH) 143x143x55mm/5.6x5.6x2.2" 140x82x57mm/5.5x3.2x2.2" 168x82x49mm/6.6x3.2x1.9"
Cost 399 $399 $799


Mavic Mini has surprised us with its 30-minute battery life, not seen before in such a small-sized drone.
Usually the smaller the quad, the less it stays in the air. 

The Mavic Mini flies for 27 min in normal conditions while the Mavic Air for about 17 min and the spark is about 14 min. 

This makes the Mavic Mini much more suitable as a reliable camera drone, as you simply don't have enough time with short battery life drones like Spark to carefully plan and shoot. 

Mavic Mini is in a completely different segment if we consider the importance of weight. 

If you are looking for a drone that is under 250 grams so you can fly it without registering in the US, Canada. Then Mavic Mini simply does not have any competition whatsoever. 

If you do not care about registering your drone. The weight difference is not that significant, as all these drones are about as portable. Only the Spark seems to be slightly bulkier since it is not foldable.